DYDC-FM is now on Mobile App – DYDC 104.7 FM

DYDC-FM is now on Mobile App

Fans and listeners of DYDC-FM in the country and all over the globe can now listen to their favourite DYDC music programs and development programs live through their smart phones.

Thanks to the Zeno Radio Mobile App, DYDC can now be heard through the internet and in areas not covered by the station’s conventional radio broadcast.

This latest development was made possible through the efforts of the station’s technical team under the supervision of Radio Engineer Sean O. Villagonzalo.

Zeno Radio can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store. To be able to listen, the user must have an internet connection. Here are the steps to download and install Zeno Radio:

According to its website, Zeno Radio is a B2B and B2C radio service that distributes live, cloud-based, interactive broadcast content primarily through mobile devices. Founded in January 2012, ZenoRadio’s first iteration was a radio dial-up service that allowed users to call-in-to-listen to radio broadcasts around the world. (Buen Josef C. Andrade)