Building and Enhancing New Literacies Across the Curriculum – April 1, 2022

What’s up 3rd year BEEd and BSEd students? How are you doing?
The Department of Teacher Education (DTE) is calling your attention again to please attend the fourth PrEd 191n review on “Building and Enhancing New Literacies Across the Curriculum” (PrEd 131n) this Friday, April 1, 2022, at 2-5 PM via Zoom. This topic will be presented by Ms. Michelle G. Ordovez.
To get access to this event, please take note of the following details:
Topic: PrEd 191n Review for PrEd 131n
Join Zoom Meeting…
Meeting ID: 261 698 6804
Passcode: 170329

  1. As you enter the Zoom meeting, please rename yourself according to the following format: BSEd-Math_Helmar Ycong. This is done for easy recognition.
  2. The attendance link will be posted at least 30 minutes before 5 pm.
  3. Please fill out the google form for the attendance until 5:30 pm. The form will be closed at 5:30 pm.
    Attendance is a must.
    Thank you. God bless and keep safe everyone!