Virtual DEVCOM Screening - April 5, 2022 – DYDC 104.7 FM

Virtual DEVCOM Screening – April 5, 2022

The VSU Department of Development Communication announces the conduct of the 2022 DevCom Screening, redesigned to be a virtual screening for the new normal.

The exam proper will take place from April 5 to 6, 2021.


BSDC first-year students and other VSU students interested in shifting to DevCom may take the DevCom screening. The screening will start with an application period where the student submits personal information. Then they will be invited to Google Classroom, a learning management system or LMS, to take the two exams. Their high school grades will also be assessed. The department will publish the results shortly after the exam. Taking and passing the screening is a department prerequisite to take DevC undergrad courses.

Due to Typhoon Odette and the COVID-19 Pandemic, the department has accepted BSDC freshmen to enroll DEVC121 in advance. For 2022, taking and passing the screening is a requirement before a final grade in 121. This subject is the foundation course and a pre-requisite of all other DEVC subjects.


Step 1. Apply to take the DevCom screening here:

You must submit the following information:

  • Full name
  • Student number
  • Course and year
  • Email address (must be Gmail or GSuite)
  • Mobile number

Deadline for application: April 4, 2022, Monday at 5:00 PM

Step 2. Join the Google Classroom class for the screening. Wait for the email invitation which will be sent to you as early as Monday.

Deadline to join GC: April 5, 2022, Tuesday at 12 NN

Step 3. Submit a scanned copy of your grades from your last year in high school or equivalent.

Their grade weighted average (GWA) will compose 20% of your screening rating, which will be computed as follows:

Any percentage above 80% up to 100% will be considered as their rating.

The formula is: n = GWA% – 80%

For example, if your final high school GWA is 90%, it means you will get 10% for the 20% criteria.

The scan will be submitted on Google Classroom.

Deadline to submit your HS grade: April 6, 2022, Wednesday at 5:00 PM

Step 4. Take the oral exam.

The oral examination will be done over Zoom on April 5, Tuesday from 1 to 5PM.

The DDC faculty members and all applicants will join the Zoom meeting. The faculty will enter specific breakout rooms and will bring in applicants one by one into their breakout room. The oral examination will comprise 30% of the applicant’s final rating.

Like the usual oral examination, you will be asked a question (most likely pertaining to a campus, community, or social topic or issue) and your response will be rated according to the following criteria:

Content – 30%
Logic – 20%
Grammar – 30%
Diction – 20%

Ideally, all applicants must turn his/her video on. In cases when connectivity is an issue, you will be given the permission to turn the video off after your identity is confirmed. A dial-in option through mobile will also be available in extreme cases.

The link to the Zoom meeting will be posted on Google Classroom along with the Assignment post for the oral examination (30pts).